fire smoke test in road tunnel

Tunnel Testing

Thorough site acceptance tests

Whatever kind of structure it is - rail, metro or road tunnel - when it comes to the realisation of the tunnel ventilation system, experience, diligence and endurance are of paramount importance. Tenders are to be elaborated, offers to be evaluated and installation works to be supervised. During commissioning of fans, ducts, dampers, fire or smoke detectors, air quality instruments and the control systems, not only myriads of details have to be solved, but also realistic and very carefully planned fire-tests have to prove the result of all efforts at the end of the day.

Safe and clean hot smoke tests

Testing with hot smoke is applied to prove proper functioning of fire and smoke detection systems or to demonstrate the effect of smoke and heat extraction systems. They are also a perfect instrument to visualise the transport of smoke within the tunnel ventilation system or the removal of smoke from large rooms or an atrium in case of a fire incident.

We conduct hot smoke tests in buildings, garages, tunnels or industrial complexes.

The physical properties, e.g. the optical density of the test smoke are similar to those of smoke from real fires. The generated heat is adjustable, which allows us to simulate thermal buoyancy and layering realistically without the risk of equipment, surfaces or structures being damaged. The aerosol that we use is completely safe to use, represents no health hazard and does not cause any corrosion.

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